2009 Vol.13 (2): 8-10 [PDF全文]
摘要石抗39是石家庄市农业科学研究院与中国农业科学院生物技术研究所合作育成的转Bt+CpTI双价基因抗虫棉新品种,2007年通过河北省农作物品种委员会审定。该品种具有高产、多抗和适应性广等特点。通过2 a的高产示范田建设和大面积推广,对该品种的高产栽培规程进行了研究。
TitleOptimization of High Yield Cultivation Techniques of Transgenic Cotton Variety Shikang 39
AuthorsSUN Shao-kai,ZHANG Wen-guang
Key wordsCotton;Shikang 39;Pest resistance;Cultivation technique;High-yielding regulations
AbstractShikang 39 was a transgenic cotton harboring Bt+CpTI double gene,which was bred by ShijiazhuangAcademy of Agriculture Science and Bilolgy Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agriculture Science.It was approved by Hebei Provincial Crop Variety Approval Committee in 2007.The variety had the characteristics of high yielding,multi-resistance and extensive adaptability.According to the high yield demonstration and extension in large scale in two years,the high yield cultivation techniques of Shikang 39 was studied.