2009 Vol.13 (7): 6-8,0 [PDF全文]
TitleBreeding of New Sweet Potato Variety Jishu 99 and Its High Yield Physiological Characters
AuthorsLIU Lan-fu,MA Zhi-min,ZHANG Song-shu*
Key wordsSweet potato;Variety breeding;High yield;Physiological characters
AbstractSweet potato variety Jishu 99 with the characteristics of high and stable yield,disease resistance and wide adaptability was bred by crossing Ji 21-2 with the relative wild species Y-6,which had been approved by the National New Variety Appraisal Committee of Sweet Potato in March 2006,and was suitable for planting in the north sweet potatoarea.The high yield physiological characters of Jishu 99 were studied.The result showed that Jishu 99 belonged to the earlymaturing and high yielding variety with the moderate leaf area index,reasonable T/R and high net assimilation rate andeconomic coefficient.